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These are the rules that MUST be followed when posting ANY hack, and failing to do so could result in an infraction or a BAN!

They are here...

  • to protect members

  • to stop LEECHER

  • to organize GaNoN public hacks

1. Do not, under any circumstance, post ANYTHING that could be found as MALICIOUS or any type of virus/malware.

2. A VIRUS SCAN is required on ALL THREADS with anything downloadable. A free virus scan can be found HERE.

3. The virus scan result must be posted as a LINK!!! Do not copy/paste the result!!

4. Give credits. Unless you programmed your own debugger, made your own UCE, went into a game you created, and scanned for addresses THAT YOU MADE, you will have to post credits.

5. Posting other people's hacks is semi-allowed. If it is a simple 2d box overlay, with no adds, it would be fine to give the name of the coder (NOT THE SITE). If it is another website's public that is packed full of adverts for their site, DO NOT BOTHER POSTING IT!

6. Provide a screenshot/video of your hack in-action. If you do not have a RECENT screenshot of the hack, it will be removed. Simple as that.

7. DOWNLOAD HACKS AT YOUR OWN RISK! If a file is approved, it means that it is not suspected to contain a virus & a staff member has tested it, this does not mean that it 100% has no virus. GaNoN IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY MALWARE/ETC IN PUBLIC HACKS!

8. Don't complain if you get banned. A public is just that, something for you to enjoy on a alternate account. Please do not use publics on your main account, NOT EVEN OFFICIAL GaNoN PUBLICS! They are easily available to Z8 or any website & can easily get you banned.

9. Do not accuse. If you suspect that a person is leeching hacks/etc. DO NOT CONFRONT THEM IN THEIR THREAD! PM a moderator like myself, and we will look into it & the appropriate action will be taken against the user.

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